Progress so far – by Isabel

I have accomplished a lot so far in my project. I am two pages away from learning all the notes for my piano pieces. I have mastered half of my songs for voice. I have also essentially figured out one dance, and have learned the first minute of my new solo. Already, I have grown so much as a performer in every aspect, but there is still much work to be done.

I need to finish learning my piano notes, and then work on making the piece flow musically and be completely comfortable with it. This is a difficult task because there is no definitive ending point. I could work on my pieces for the rest of my life, and they would continue to improve. Therefore, my goal is to continue to practice hard everyday and appreciate how far I’ve come instead of focusing on how much better it could be.

For the classical section of my singing portion of the recital, I am definitely performance ready. I now need to focus on the musical theater selections. Some of these I might have previously worked on and some will be brand new. Once I select these pieces, the practicing process will be the same as that of piano.

Right now, my dancing is the most stressful aspect for me, since I have never performed a solo. Also, I had a slight scheduling conflict with my teacher so we did not meet this past week. I have only had one session to learn the solo and still have about 2/3 left of the dance to learn. After learning it, I will need to review it often, work on the technically difficult aspects, the telling of the story, and the timing and musicality. It is harder with dance because I am completely relying on my teacher for the material, whereas with piano I have the music already.

The other aspect of my performance that needs my attention is how it will actually play out in the assembly. I need to figure out the order, the transitions, and the costume changes. I am holding off on this until all of my pieces have been selected, which will hopefully be after my voice lesson later today.

It is easy to be overwhelmed with these major undertakings in addition to schoolwork, my other dance classes, my musical theater group, spending time with friends and family, and applying to college early decision. I try to deal with one thing at a time and for the most part I am not too stressed out but it is sometimes hard to prioritize.

One thought on “Progress so far – by Isabel

  1. Taylor Griffith

    I also find it hard to prioritize when so many things are happening at once! Especially as an artist (be it a composer, choreographer, or writer) who is trying to improve her work to a level she’s satisfied with. Like you mentioned, there is no “definitive ending point” and revisions could go on far longer than necessary. In terms of getting everything done, the best we can do is take each day as it comes and know that in the end, we’ve done our best to achieve our goals. More importantly, we need to know when to make the executive decision to set all of our work aside and give ourselves a mental break. Life doesn’t wait for those sitting at their desks (in your case, the piano stool). It’s important to work hard but it’s more important to take care of yourself! Good luck and make every minute count! Carpe diem!


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