Preparations– by Habeeb

As of now Tristen and I are getting the spoken word club ready for the Friday Assembly taking place November 15th. On the side of all of that, Tristen and I are looking into a Bookstore located in Kennet Square that might have the supplies in order for us to self-publish, when it comes to paper, printing, a cover etc.

Since managing this long term project, the things we’ve  established been moving right along; making a club, performing, writing a book. A lot of other things we hadn’t really planned on found its way into our project like our Tumblr page, and getting a community that has poetic talent to be behind us. As for myself managing a long term project, I’ve learned that I can’t be too specific when it comes to deadlines and what I want to be done by that date. Anything can come about that might change what was originally planned. I almost have a go with the flow approach with the general ideas of what I want to be done. Ideas, and plans will come and go.

In order to successfully complete our project our book has to be finished. A lot of people are anticipating our work, so we don’t want to disappoint. So far Tristen and I are both where we want to be and in some ways we are doing better than we expected. We are getting good reception from the community.

Students have come to us about editing their own poems as if both Tristen and I are poetic guru’s. It’s interesting how we’ve worked with our peers willing to use poetry as a means of an outlet, or a chance to talk about something they see important. The other day someone asked me if their work needed more editing, but it didn’t. A lot of the work students have presented to me didn’t need editing, let alone mine. I discovered that not only her but others weren’t confident with their work. If I’ve been editing anything, its just been reinforcing the confidence in their writing. In ways this past week has helped me learn to be more confident in my own work as I continue to write. In order to be a good writer in general your work has to be convincing, it has to pull your audience in. In order to do that you have to have self confidence in what you write. Convinced that you’re writing the truth, that this piece is something people can learn from.

The main focus for the next few weeks to come is going to be preparing for the Friday Assembly November 15th. During the assembly Tristen and I have three guest appearances. An alumnus Davion Louis class of 2012, and some friends of ours whom we performed with in Atlantic City over the summer; Notti and Keith. This should be an interesting few weeks coming up with the club and the encroaching date of our book to be self published; late December, early January.

3 thoughts on “Preparations– by Habeeb

  1. ericlin2013

    The one you guys did during community sharing really intrigued me, but I believe some of us are still pretty unfamiliar of what exactly you guys are doing. Perhaps you guys can think of a way to make it a more interesting topic so the whole school can appreciate it even more? I am personally looking forward to the assembly on the 15th. Good luck

  2. Taylor Griffith

    I think every writer’s life ends up running in a “go with the flow” kind of pattern and quite honestly, that’s when our best work comes out! Setting a deadline for oneself is hard, especially as a creative writer who can’t set an internal alarm for the brain to start making the magic happen on command. But a part of the writing experience is learning how you write best, and as you mentioned, gaining that confidence in your writing. It’s great to hear that you’ve found a support system in other poets at Westtown and believe or not, making this giant commitment to your work has most definitely made you poet gurus! You’re a leading role model for a lot of people in the community and many poets are now finding their voices from having heard yours. November 15th is only the start of many great accomplishments to come and I can’t wait to see you both achieve your goal!

  3. shuangchengdu

    Good luck with the Assembly guys! I am really looking forward to Nov 15th now! I would like to know more about the book publishing. Have you guys designed an outline for the book? Do you have a specific target audience for the book, or just the general public? And also, do you guys think that you might be able to introduce some methods and skills that are used to write great poetry?


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