Educational difference – by Eric

Starting from September, I have read through a wide range of information including several books about the general information of Japanese public education and I constantly drew comparison with American education system. Personally grew up in Taiwan, I have experienced Asian education and the pressure that comes with the atmosphere. I found  the information of those in Japan struck a chord with me. High academic expectations, parents’ attitude towards academics and extra curricular activities and etc. Education systems in these two different countries emphasize very different and contrasting things in different level of education.

As I research more and discover a wider range of topic, I found myself losing track of the variety and scattered information of the two education systems. Consequently, I decided to narrow my comparison down to more specific terms. I have learned that the topic of a research question is constantly changing as progress moves on. I am now focusing on the educational difference between Friends school system in PA compare to public school in Tokyo. Thanks to my friends in Japan, I have obtained a wide range of information about Japanese education systems, such as their daily schedule, schools’ education philosophy, and some parents’ views on the school. It’s very interesting to see how they compare to my family’s situation when I was back in Taiwan, and also comparing them to here in Westtown School. Furthermore, I have also done research on four different Friends School systems and learn what they emphasize. Creating leaders and intellectual developments are the gist of Quaker education, whereas Japanese education emphasize more on the value of teamwork and high academic grades.

In the upcoming week, I am hoping to go to Lower School and Middle School to observe their schedules . The best way to learn how the education works is by experiencing it myself. Although the experience of an actual student and a person watching by the side will definitely be different, I am looking forward to see how the students interact with each other and how the teachers teach in class.

As soon as I am done visiting both schools in Westtown, I will be starting to write down my report in Japanese. I will also be going on to the website of Japanese education ministry to look for any new information that I can incorporate into my topic.

2 thoughts on “Educational difference – by Eric

  1. shuangchengdu

    Good work Eric! Have you considered talking to someone who has experienced the Japanese education? Maybe you should reach out and see if you can have some opinions from some of them.

  2. lyrapiscitelli

    I think your work is very interesting and enlightening and I was wondering what the similarities and differences are between Japanese and American homework. How much homework do Japanese kids do a night compared to American kids, and what are their assignments like? What kind of papers do they have to write and what would your average group project look like in Japan?


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