An Excerpt – by Taylor

At last! After weeks of working with my mentor, I have a few paragraphs from the beginning of my book to share with you all! In context, my character, a government agent, is reflecting back on an assignment she was assigned to a few months ago. She is standing guard in an orchard while the leader of her assignment is negotiating a trade off with an agency informant in the nearby factory:

“From behind me, it sounded like a bird, but I wasn’t willing to take the chance. Just as I turned around and took a step in the opposite direction, someone fired a gun, the bullet bolting in to the branches two feet behind me. The second I heard it, I ducked to get out of sight, though that wasn’t enough considering I didn’t know the location of the shooter. I rushed behind a tree trunk for cover as two more shots went off, pelting into the ground where I had been only moments before.

Quickly catching my composure, I pulled out my gun and held it up in the ready position. I listened for the movements of my opponent as I took slow and quiet breaths. The night was silent and the whistle that had saved my life was gone. Though it sounded like I was alone, I couldn’t take the risk of the operation being ruined. As slowly and unnoticeably as possible with one hand still on my weapon, I lowered myself to the ground and picked up a fallen peach. After taking a lungful of air, I tossed it out into the dark.

The resulting gun shots helped focus my aim and I fired where I saw the muzzle flashes. A shadowed form moved in the few rows ahead before firing back in my direction. Slipping behind the tree again, I called through my ear piece for the other agents, positioned South, East, and West of the factory, to give me some backup and to be on the lookout for anyone else who might be with him. I stepped forward and got another shot off before three more bullets came at me, the last one grazing my arm. I ignored the sharp sting and listened for any movement.

To my surprise, there was a lot. But the sound was getting more distant. I cursed under my breath as I realized my opponent was getting away, and hurried out from beneath the tree to follow. He was a few yards ahead of me, two rows to my left. There was no point in wasting any bullets since my chances of hitting a tree were a lot greater, meaning I had to be that much faster. It didn’t matter that he wasn’t heading towards the factory. He was armed and had made the first try for blood; that was threat enough.”

I hope you enjoyed this action scene! To be continued…

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