Poetry in Polish – by Tristen

As this week went by we met once again with our Spoken Word club.  We started off by going around the room and whomever brought something to share was able to.  As each person read their poetry it brought my mind to see the differences in everyone’s poetry.  Some people wrote about love others wrote about their cat.  This ability to have multiple dimensions in their writing inspired me to think farther in my writing.  As the book is mainly about a love story, that does not mean I don’t need to write about the other things I find important to me.


As inspiration comes and goes, another student from Westtown has requested a poem for us to write.  She asked if we could write a poem that incorporated different languages.  I think this is a great idea as my family comes from Poland and the few Polish words I know I think could incorporate well into a piece of poetry.  This is a very inspiring and thought provoking idea of having a multilingual piece of poetry.

With this piece and many for the book, I sense this will be a very poetry intensive week.

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