Connection between the interfaces — by Chester

One of the requests that the weekend coordinator made is that he wishes to have a drop down box for all the weekend duty crew list. Because of the way the data base is set up right now which is to have the event list independent from the weekend list, it hard to accomplish the object. Here are some solutions that I have came up:

1. Change the set up of the data base. This would be a lot of work because changing the data base requires a completely new data structure and new backstage structure. At the same time, the intention for those two being separated from each other, which is being able to create an event even before the weekend has been initialized, would be gone. Having the events list being a sub-list under the weekend-list would also require more storing space because each weekend would take up an array in the data structure.

2. Ignore the weekend coordinator’s suggestion. In real world, this would always be an option. But I would rather not to choose it unless I absolutely have to.

3. Figuring out a way to connect the interfaces from each others. This does not just mean to connect them in a way so that one is accessible by clicking a bottom on the other page. This means that information is transmitted properly. What this means is that every time a new page related to a event is open, the previous interface will send some variable to the backstage and the first thing the new interface does is to load the variable so that it knows to which weekend does this event belongs to.

I chose the third way over the other two for multiple reasons. Even though it does mean a complete new structures among interfaces especially to those dealing with weekends. This is still a relatively smaller work load than changing the data base structure.

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