Blueprint by Habeeb Onitiri

Throughout this week Tristen and I have been creating a blueprint for our book. As we’ve decided to make the book about a relationship between two people we’re almost finished with the beginning. As a story should have a timeline or a story line to  it, the beginning of the story will uncover all the good things about the start of their relationship. Everyone knows how the start of a relationship is, it’s generally associated with two people who can’t get enough of each other; almost your classical love story. But as Tristen and I move forward with the progress of the story we’ll begin to write poems that’ll have a twist to the relationship, the things that will give the relationship a little bit of a ride for readers.

As we put the blueprint of our story together, we’ll be doing the same for our Spoken Word Club this week. The next few weeks leading up to November 15th will not only be composed of putting a group of poets together, but finding a theme for the assembly. In our next club meeting on Tuesday, we’ll talk to the club and see what kind of theme they might be interested in.

So far this week I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from people whom are following both Tristen and I. Feedback ranges from Alumni who’ve graduated two years ago to peers and adults. Since Tristen and I took the opportunity to do something different with our time by promoting poetry and spoken word, suddenly a wave of people came out of the woodwork and seemed to gain quite an interest. A year ago I would have never thought, something that interests me might be something that could benefit others in the community around me.

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