Fundraising by Tristen

This week has been less eventful then the previous weeks.  This week we talked a lot more about the plan and format of our book.  We decided upon the idea of having only one poem per page, and each poem alternates it’s author.  This would hopefully make the book run with possibly just my poems on the left pages, and Habeeb’s on the right.  This will make it much easier to distinguish who’s poetry it is and also keep the flow of the storyline even. 

The other major boundary we have been working to push past is fundraising.  We know we need to make a significant amount of money to both publish our book, and to bring some spoken word artists to the community at Westtown.  Many of our ideas for fundraising are short lived as we are unsure what to do to raise this money quickly.  The simplest way that we came up with is to simply ask for donations.  I believe that this will be one of the best ways to raise the money for our book because we can also find out the general number of people interested in our project.  This would give us an idea of how many people in our community care about poetry and spoken word.  We are going to start figuring out how to get donations soon.  We want the student body of Westtown to donate, but we also want any Alumni, parents, faculty, really anyone that cares or is interested in our project to donate.  The challenge is getting the word out to everyone that we need a lot of help to make our project come true.

Our social media sites have also been receiving a lot of traffic.  Our tumblr page has gotten many more followers, and our mentor has talked to a lot of alumni about our project.  Any one that has yet to visit our tumblr page should! Click here to visit our tumblr page. We hope that this constant spreading of word will create an interest in our project that will last long after our book is published.

This is our Tumblr Page!

This is our Tumblr Page!

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