Dictated Creativity

Writing a creative piece with previously set character lines is a difficult thing. The point of a truly creative work is to come up with the entirety of it all on your own, not be limited to the guidelines of other people’s speech. When you are, it puts an entirely new light on your writing, having to build the words around bits and pieces that you already have instead of just putting down whatever comes into your head. One of my assignments this week tested my ability to do this.

I had to sit in a space with a notebook and quite literally, eavesdrop. My task was to pick up on sentences here and there that I found interesting, and write them down to be used in my writing later. I felt a bit weird about this at first, intruding on other’s thoughts and laughs with their friends. It got easier though as I realized that they probably wouldn’t have cared. The dining room is a very noisy pubic place as it is, not quite supporting the necessary environment for deep meaningful conversations.

After collecting the data I needed, I proceeded to try and make them into a creative story piece. Try was the key word here. I found myself fairly stuck on how to begin, this being an approach to writing that I was entirely unfamiliar with. It challenged every way that I even thought about putting words on paper, bending it backward into almost unrecognizable information. It took me quite some time to come up with even a storyline, let alone an actual story with words. I realized after awhile that I did not really need a storyline to get going. I had a name to use, so I spun off of that. Every after that just sort of flowed, and I found myself in a way of creating that was entirely new but fascinating at the same time. I can’t say that I completely enjoyed it, but it was a learning experience for sure.

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