Brick Wall By Habeeb

It was pretty disappointing to not have too many people show up to spoken word club this past week. On Tuesday about 7-10 people  showed up, which wasn’t too much of a surprise  considering the amount of athletic games thImageat took place. For those that were able to make it, we spent our time watching videos by other spoken word artists. It gave people in the club a sense of variations to spoken word. Watching the videos showed them that spoken word can be about anything important to you, which I personally thought was a highlight for the day. I initially had a sign up sheet for people interested in performing during the Friday assembly Tristen and I have set up, but I put that to a hold for the next meeting in hopes for a bigger group.

As for our tumblr page and our response to someone’s challenge for us, a lot of people loved it. Somebody sent us a message on tumblr asking us to talk about something challenging we’ve had to face while we’ve been at Westtown. In due time another response for that should be up soon.

Later in the week, Tristen and I ran into problems trying to fund raise for our book on parents day. Not only were we well unorganized, we didn’t have a plan to sell our idea of self publishing. We didn’t want people to give money to a cause they didn’t know too much about. Tristen and I had a little bit of issues figuring out what it is that we were going to tell parents that would be greatly significant about our self publishing.

Overall this past week, we kind of ran into a brick wall when it came to our spoken word club, and a plan of donations. So for this week we’ll have to really assess our plans of action toward getting donations for self-publishing. Along with that we need to get a list of people who might be interested in performing during the Friday assembly, in order get the ball rolling in terms of preparations for it.  Right now, Tristen and I are learning the process of a set back and we’ll see if we can climb over the wall this week.

Check us out :

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