Interview with T. Paul

As the main client and user of this weekend program, T. Paul was interviewed about the program structure about this could potentially mean to him. I also asked him about if there is anything he would like to add to the program to make his job easier.

The first thing that we talked about is the initialization of weekends. We agreed on that to initialize a weekend, the only information needed would be the start date and the end date.Therefore, this is a screen shot of the interface for initialize the weekend.

weekend initailization

After that, T. Paul would be able to view the weekend through the interface view weekend.

weekend initailization

From there, T. Paul is able to add/remove duty teachers and register/edit/remove events for this particular weekend.

1 thought on “Interview with T. Paul

  1. margaretjhaviland

    Dear Chester,

    What was involved in creating these interfaces? Does entering the dates for the first screen automatically take you to the next screen? Once the second screen is populated what happens? How do you handle a three day weekend like this one?


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