Educational difference week 4 – by Eric

After thinking over my topic of my research, I have decided to narrow my comparison of education down. Different from the comparison before, I am going to compare Friends’ School’s education to Japan’s public education. Having read a lot of background information and general comparison between US and Japan education, I found it impossible to analyze the indefinite variability of this broad topic. I am a current student in Westtown School, PA. I found this kind of education very different from the public school system. Furthermore, there are a couple of Friends’ School around the area and they all have a similar education system. Next, I am going to demonstrate special aspects of a Friends’ School education. I have looked through Friends’ Central, Abington Friends, Germantown Friends, and Westtown School’s website and found a few things in common.

First, they are all established under strong Quaker values by different monthly meetings. They emphasize intellectual development and avid learning attitude. Quakers believe that there is God in every person. They consider education as a process extending far out of academics and self-discipline is a main characteristic of Friends’ School. Furthermore, these schools are all co-ed schools that include from the level of pre-k to high school. Students study in the same atmosphere which provide a strong sense of community through out the school.

Second, the most special thing of these schools is Meeting for Worship every week. Quakers normally gather in the meeting house on Sunday mornings for an hour to meditate and share important community messages during meeting. Meeting For Worship has became a essential part of Friends’ School education. Normally, schools will hold another one during the week. Overall, these are the important parts of Friends’ education.

Meeting House at Westtown School

1 thought on “Educational difference week 4 – by Eric

  1. margaretjhaviland


    What does Meeting for Worship do for students. What happens over time to having to sit in quiet reflection for 45 minutes each week? How does this affect students and their learning? You used the word “avid” to describe the learning. Would active or action based work as well? Are students at Friend’s schools supposed to be passive receivers of knowledge and content from their teachers or is something else expected? How does the mission of Westtown School affect the shape and experience of education? Do the other 3 Friends’ schools have similar mission statements?


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