Piano practice – by Isabel

My Chopin piano concerto is probably one of my favorite pieces that I have ever worked on but is also definitely the most challenging. Certain sections are much easier than others which creates a strange balance. When playing through the piece, some parts sound much smoother than others. I gravitate towards polishing the easier sections because I feel more in control. At my lesson, my teacher helpfully pointed out that the tempos fluctuate throughout the piece. In the easier sections I play much faster than the harder ones. She had me slow down the easy sections to make it all even, and it felt so strange to play it this way. This showed me how much work the harder sections need and inspired me to dedicate more time towards them. Similar to voice, a good technique is starting to practice the whole thing very slowly and working up to a higher speed. These particular sections are so difficult that I am sure it will take a long time of practicing them slowly to work it up to a faster tempo, while keeping all of the other important elements.

It is important for me not to throw a way the more difficult transitions and only savor the lyrical sections because the entire piece is special and each detail that makes it up contributes to the full effect. I really appreciate the advice that I continue to receive from my teacher and will continue to work on these tricky sections

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