Overcoming Roadblocks – by Emma

Writing on a regular basis has never been my thing. Writing on a day to day basis however, is even harder. I’ve been struggling a bit to keep up with my timing and organization for this project. Between college essays, applications, senior project proposals, and regular school work, it has been easy for me to lose my independent assignments in the midst of it all. Scheduling has never been a strong suit of mine, but I am hoping to change that this year. My independent studies seem to be suffering the most in the switch of mine, but I am determined to remedy that. A way I am hoping to do that is to combine my college essay pieces with those I am tasked with by my mentor.

So far, I have written three essay possibilities outside of my independent work. However, this past week I was assigned to write small pieces from prompts out of a book that my mentor supplied me with. These prompts did not seem like much to me at the time as I was only using them to write brief passages, but the more I consider it the more likely it seems that I would be able to use them to expand into longer college essays.

One prompt that stood out to me in particular was called Costume: “What was your favorite costume as a child, and what role does that costume play in your life today?” Reading it through briefly, it might seem like a very simple, and surface question. A typical thing to relate something from your past to the present. However, after thinking it though for a time, I realized that it was about much more than just a costume. It could prompt a thought that considered the possibilities of what you experienced throughout your childhood and how those memories affected your decisions today. Thinking through this idea has really helped me with the difficulties I’ve been facing in time management with this project. This prompt appears to me as a perfect set up for a college essay that speaks to who I truly am. I look forward to testing this and seeing my results!

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