Unspoken Word: Challenge Us – By Habeeb

Now that we’re situated with our club, our tumblr website, and the theme of our book; Tristen and I are both making moves toward fundraising. Raising money for the publication of our book will be the hardest part of the whole process. With publishing our book, this week some of our work will be put out for people to see. In a way the people who read our work gives them a sense of our writing, how we write, and what we write about. With the help of Epiphany’s and a little show and tell during parents day, people will be able to see that.  We’re both hoping for some more good feedback from the community.

After a week of having the tumblr page up, we got a decent amount of feedback and were lucky enough to get our first challenge. Someone asked us to write a poem about the differences between hearing, listening, seeing and looking. When they first asked, the idea knocked me off of my feet. I wasn’t expecting that kind of topic/ question to be I guess assigned to us to try and decipher. After a while, I realized this is exactly what we need; this is the whole point of the page.  For people to give us profound questions and ideas, for us to develop through our writing, our poems. The response to the topic should be posted on tumblr by Monday, latest Tuesday.

The link to our tumblr page: http://blackpankakes.tumblr.com/

If anyone is interested in giving us a topic/ idea to write about and respond through video on tumblr, feel free to email or reply to our blog posts here. We’ll have at least one response a week, unless we get more requests!

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