Syria and the Security Council – by Nate

This was a tumultuous week politically here in the United States, so the Syrian Conflict fell from the front page of most American newspapers, but the issue stayed at the forefront of International attention.  Finally this week, Russia stopped preventing a security council vote by withdrawing its veto.  The 15 member council immediately voted unanimously to require Syria to destroy all of its chemical weapons.  Also interesting in this resolution was the tone taken by the security council, which warned great consequences if Syria was disingenuous in this process.  Many pundits are saying Syria has turned a corner, but I’m still skeptical.  This resolution does nothing to solve the actual struggle in Syria, and merely focuses on one small part of it.  This small part may have been the stated reason for possible United States intervention, yes, but the real reason lies in the heart of the conflict.  We will have to carefully watch how this conflict progresses, because Western nations are highly unlikely to allow Al-Qaeda backed rebels to take control of the government, or a thousand other problems could arise that would pull Western governments back towards intervention.

This week was a good week for me; I was too busy to actually write much of the history portion of my paper, but I did find a time to sit down and get it done.  Next weekend is a 3-day weekend, and because I’m on duty and have to be here, a great time to get it done.  I also have reached out to my mentor in hopes of a meeting, and am waiting for a response.

1 thought on “Syria and the Security Council – by Nate

  1. conorswimm

    Interesting take on the issue, if Al-Qaeda backed rebel groups are poised to take governmental control if Assad is deposed, then what is the end-game in Syria in terms of western military intervention? And what do you feel are the implications for Russo-American relations if Syria does force the hand of the Security Council?


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