Assemblies and Story lines by Tristen

This week we got confirmation on a date for an assembly we want to have.  We hope that our mentor, Harve Nichols, and his two spoken word companions, will come perform alongside Habeeb and I on a Friday afternoon.  Now that we have a date, we will have to start fundraising.  In the next couple weeks we plan on fundraising at least $100 dollars.  We plan on selling food and drinks during lunch periods to anyone in the name of our project.  Hopefully enough people will want to support our project that they will be willing to donate even more money so that we can have an easier time with the rest of our fundraising.  The date we hope works for this assembly is November 15.

Alongside planning for the assembly, we have narrowed down the storyline for our book.  The poems will be in an order that represents a relationship.  Every bit from the happy beginning to the either happy or sad ending.  We want anyone that reads either our tumblr page, or our blog here to vote on the ending of the compilation of poetry.  Do you guys want it to end happily ever after, or will a sad tone of understanding that concludes everyone’s feelings? Anyone that wants to can email or message us on tumblr to get in their vote on how it should end.

To get you thinking about whether you want a good ending or a bad here is a couple lines of my poetry:

“Wake up, get up, start the day out fresh,
Get down, sleep now, end the day with death”

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