Performances and Meetings- by Tristen

4875457881_1194177c39_mThis week we got to perform the piece of spoken word we had been practicing for the past week.  We didn’t think that we were going to be able to memorize it, but after we practiced and practiced we realized we had it all down.  Originally we wanted to perform without microphones, so people could actually hear our voices, but we ended up using the microphones because we were worried everyone couldn’t hear us.  It felt really uncomfortable at first, but as we progressed through the piece it became just as fluid as when we practiced.

This weekend I met up with our mentor, Harve Nichols, for a brief meeting.  We started discussing the progress of the book as I told him about our most recent plan to intertwine a story through the poems.  Habeeb and I had decided by then that we wanted the book to cover the beginning and the end of a relationship, including the good, the bad, and especially the ugly.  He thought this was a good idea and we then started to talk about the possibilities of him bringing some of his fellow spoken word artists to Westtown for a performance.  I thought this was great, and Habeeb and I had already started planning out such a performance.  Once we finished our discussion about the logistics of them coming, he reminded me that we have to start fundraising.

It dawned on me that we have yet to fundraise any money for our project.  We need money for the self publication, but also to help bring more spoken word artists to Westtown.  I have a couple ideas for fundraising but most of them seem out of our reach.  We need to make quite a bit of money, and sadly we are not the best pastry chefs so baked goods are out of the question.

As I continue to write poetry I am surrounded by an ironically resounding silence,

“That silence, that silence soaks into my soul, sobering my senses, and it’s often over intoxicating inside and I, I try to relax”

A line from our performance on Wednesday, something to think about for the following week.

1 thought on “Performances and Meetings- by Tristen

  1. Taylor Griffith

    Your performance on Wednesday was so beautiful and reminded me of why I love spoken word! Although you and Habeeb ended up using the microphones, your words still came across clearly and the performance was just as moving. I’m also excited that you two have decided to make your book about a love story. While stand-alone poems are great, I think that linking them all into one big story will not only stretch you guys as writers, but will also help you explore your talents and skills in writing more in depth about the different components of a relationship. Your project is coming along great and I think that you two as well as everyone else will be proud of the end result!


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