First week back to dance ~Isabel

This week has been full of excitement as my dance classes have started back up. It felt so good to be back in the studio again even though I am really sore now. Monday was a little bit rough because I was nervous that I had not danced almost the whole summer. It was interesting for me to notice how certain aspects of dancing came back to me much easier than others. I always used to feel the most uncomfortable with ballet because I only started really taking challenging ballet classes last year. But now, ballet is one of my favorite classes and I enjoy perfecting each detail in even the simplest steps. My ballet teachers have already started to point out how important every movement is. For example, not throwing away transitions and lengthening lines through the entire phrase. There is so much to focus on, but I have found that picking one main improvement per class is very helpful. My Wednesday ballet teacher really helped me find my turn out in pirouettes, which is something that I have always struggled with.

If someone had asked me two or three years ago what my favorite style of dancing was, I would have said, “jazz” in a heartbeat.  Now, it is surprising that out of all my classes this week I probably felt most out of place in jazz. My focus on lyrical and ballet has probably made me more soft in my movement, and it is sometimes hard to make the switch to something sharper and fiercer.

I loved my Thursday lyrical class and asked my teacher to help me choreograph for this final performance. We will be in touch and I am really looking forward to a great year of dance.

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