Database Structure

3819738662_fbdebd54be_m(1)In this project, the most important part is of course the database. All other layers as mentioned in the last post are in the program to deal with the data.

Right now, I am using a static class to contain all the information. My plan is for every database, the program will generate a text file to contain all the information.

The following information will be stored in the database

Database1: Weekend start date, weekend end date, weekend number

Database2: Event name, start time, end time, teachers in charge, back up teacher, location, transportation, kitchen request, notes

Those two database will be independent from each other so that a weekend event could be generated before the weekend being initialized in database1.

Because of these two being independent from each other, each time viewing events for a particular weekend, there will be calculations needed to decided which events belongs to which weekend.

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