A Successful Week – By Habeeb

A successful week this was for both Tristen and I to kick off spoken word. At the end of the Club Fair this past Tuesday, we were dumbfounded by the amount of students who signed up for Spoken Word. We had about 45 people, ready to share and listen. I doubt that exact number of people will show up, but it was astounding to know that this many people take interest in spoken word. To follow up; on Wednesday after our performance at community sharing, we were acknowledged by a standing ovation, by both peers and faculty. Between just those two days it was apparent that Tristen and I had caught the community’s eye with spoken word.

As Tristen and I continue to share spoken word with the community, we both came to a consensus regarding the theme of our book. We decided that the theme would head toward the direction of a romantic/love story; from beginning to end. Currently we’re brainstorming ideas as to what direction the story is headed toward; a good ending or a bad one? For people who follow our tumblr page it would be interesting to see what kind of ending they think would be suiting.

This upcoming week, we’ll be busy trying to plan things for our first Spoken Word Club meeting. With that in hand we’ll also be scrambling to find an open shoemaker date with Sue Gold, a member of the shoemaker committee. It should be both a busy and interesting week, but we’ll see what things we might encounter throughout it.

2 thoughts on “A Successful Week – By Habeeb

  1. margaretjhaviland

    Habeeb, will you let your audience on tumblr choose the way your volume ends — will your crowd source the direction of your work? Its an interesting thought, who is in control, the author or the audience? Even if you choose the way the volume ends, once you put it out in the public you lose control over how it is received!

  2. nateurban2013

    Habeeb, your guys’ community sharing was awesome! You definitely wowed a lot of people, and it was a great introduction to the school. I think it would be awesome if you guys did a piece about Westtown, cuz everybody could really “get it.”


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