Learning in Progress – by Emma

I finally started meeting with my mentor on a regularly scheduled basis. She is having me start with a daily journal, documenting a piece of my day or a thought I might have about something. This is not something I am used to, and to be quite honest it is fairly hard for me. I have always resisted the practice of sitting down and documenting things, whether it’s notes in class or something like this journal exercise. I relate it to my challenges with sitting down and focusing on things, so being required to do an assignment like this may prove to be extremely helpful with remedying those difficulties.

To help me along with planning out a more concrete timeline, my mentor and I came up with a sort of syllabus that would fit well into both of our schedules. We made sure that although the work would not take hours to complete (because of two busy schedules), it would be thorough enough to pack in what I am trying to learn and accomplish. I am fairly confident that this system will work out nicely.

As I move along with this process, I am hoping to learn to balance my time better as well. The amount of work I am being assigned from my mentor in addition to my school work is substantial, but I am determined to not let it get in the way of being successful in both areas of my schooling. I have never been the best at time management, but I am hoping to make a change through this independent process. I look forward to the upcoming weeks!

1 thought on “Learning in Progress – by Emma

  1. ispring23

    I completely know what you mean about the difficulty of time management! I think everyone doing this independent project is probably also facing the same challenge. It is hard because I want to devote my full energy and attention to both this project and the rest of my school work but keep them both in good shape. I try to put aside time every day to do each different kind of work but of course it does not always work out perfectly. Hopefully we can all figure out how to be better at time management through the course of this project!


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