This Week’s Unspoken Word — by Habeeb

To this point Tristen and I have been working on our performance for community dinner at Westtown this week. So far I’m pretty excited; this will be our first performance at school, and introduction about plans to self publish. With that, we intend to introduce our tumblr blog to students at Westtown. With this video blog we’re expecting to get students who are interested, to challenge us to write poems about something specific, or ask us questions about poetry/spoken word. We have high hopes for the page; in a way its an approach to get the community engaged in spoken word.

As Tristen and I begin to put a collaboration of poems into our book, an idea struck me. As I thought to myself it occurred to me “why not make this book a story?”. With all these poems we’re putting together, it became apparent that they should have a story, a theme. Coincidentally, between the both of us, we have an adequate amount of love poems as well as poems that refer to dreams. So currently a theme is up in the air with those two ideas. When you read a book it tells a story, the only difference is that we’re out to tell a story through our poetry. With that being said, we’re both trying decide what the story should tell.

With a performance coming up soon, and a reassessment of a theme for the book, I look forward to what this week might bring us. With the club fair coming up soon, it’ll be the first way we introduce spoken word to the community, and I can’t wait!

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