Community Sharing – by Tristan

In an effort to help publicize our project within the community, Habeeb and I will be performing a piece of spoken word in front of the school.  We will be performing a piece by “Twin Poets” Al Mills & Nnamdi Chukwuocha.  Hopefully after this performance we will be able to gain a lot of support from our peers.  I am really excited to perform with Habeeb because I think it will be interesting to see the reaction from our peers.  I have performed spoken word alone before but I’m finding it much more exciting to be performing with Habeeb.

As we started to compile our poems together Habeeb brought up the idea of creating a storyline within the poetry.  I thought this was a great idea as it will bring more coherency to the book. We are still unsure of the exact story right now, but we will be constantly brainstorming ideas.  I’m really curious to see how this will affect the poetry we will be writing for this book now that we are going to come up with a main storyline.

On the opening of the club fair Tuesday, we will be looking for people to sign up for Spoken Word club.  We hope that we get a lot of people that are interested not only in our project but mainly in their own work.   I’m really excited to see how many students will sign up as well.  We plan on meeting every other week and discussing the poetry that we have written.  Also we plan on performing throughout the school year. I’m excited to see this club in action as Habeeb and I bring it back to being prevalent within the community.

1 thought on “Community Sharing – by Tristan

  1. shuangchengdu

    I really enjoyed the poetry performing on this week’s Community Dinner. To me, the poem you chose is a great piece of work. Besides, it was an amazing and passionate performance, and it has absolutely brought people’s attention to the pieces of spoken word. As a student who used to be mainly interested in math and science, I will start to learn more about the spoken poetry because of you. I am looking forward to more of your work later.


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