Writing and Fine Arts – by Emma

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved the arts. Any subject, any medium, didn’t matter what kind, I was fascinated by it. I always loved to make things with my hands and see what sort of creativity I could spout. This interest continued into high school, carrying me through endless classes of sculpture and woodworking and painting and everything in between. My interests never stayed confined to just the fine arts though, they also expanded out into to the art of writing. I’ve always been a bookworm, and that sprouted into actually creating my own stories. The practice of creative writing really is an art all of in it self, and a complicated one at that. The complexity of forming characters and story lines and then intertwining them to make something magical is fascinating to me, and is why creative writing will be the main focus of my independent art course, combining it with a fine arts aspect as well.

For the majority of my project, I will be working with the accomplished artist and author, Rosemary Augustine. She will be helping me with the writing portion of the idea, coaching me in the ways of analytical writing as well as the more artistic side of creative writing/novel producing. The thing that it will center around the most is a three week night course that she teaches at a local high school. From there, we will branch out in more one on one course work, delving into the detail that is needed to be truly great in the writing field.

The second half of my focus will take place at a weekend program held on Saturdays at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. This will be a sort of portfolio Boot-camp, ranging in all focuses of art. It will help me to get a strong portfolio to present to colleges, as well as a great way to gain experience in six hour classes. I am hoping to get more of a firm sense of how college will be through these classes, despite the fact that I have already done three pre-college programs at Temple, Boston University, and Pratt Institute of Art.

I am incredibly excited to start this whole process, and can’t wait to share my results with the greater Westtown community!

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