Unspoken Word

While working on self-publishing a book of poetry, throughout the summer we’ve closely kept in touch with our mentor Harve Nichols, a Westtown Alumnus class of 84′. Although Tristen was unable to join us, Mr.Nichols came by my house July 20th to discuss the publishing process, and the different components needed to get this poetry in motion.

After we had conversed, it was established that making the poetry would be the easy part of the process. The hardest part would be fundraising the project in order to self-publish copies of the book. To promote it, the three of us collectively thought it would be a good idea for both Tristen and I to perform our work, not only at different spoken word events, but even at Westtown and other schools. So Westtown should definitely be ready to see some spoken word this year!

On August 17th we performed our poems in Atlantic City on the board walk. Although it was a come and go audience which made it less personal, it was good practice for both Tristen and I to kind of dip our feet into the performing aspect of this project. That day we had the opportunity to work with some close acquaintances of Mr. Nichols who are rappers/poets. Both Keith Robinson and Notti Nuclear showed us much love as they could see our start to self publishing this book.

After a long car ride with both Notti Nuclear and Keith Robinson we learned that we could use the power of our words to really tell a story, and make a better difference in the lives of others. With that being said Tristen and I made it our goals to send a meaningful message through our work.


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