Computer Science-Weekend program

For the independent project, I am designing a computer program to facilitate the weekend program at Westtown. Right now, the weekend schedule is generated by the weekend coordinator Teacher Paul with limited technologies. After an interview with Teacher Paul, I found that there are many parts of the process could be done with more efficiency.

Over the summer, I have worked with my father who is a software engineer. We have finished the design of the program. First, I made a list of all the possible functions that could be included in the program.

First, I started by identifying all the possible users.

user requirements importance
Weekend coordinator Register events, edit events, delete events 5
Transportation View transportation demands 3
Kitchen View kitchen demands 3
Teacher Purpose events, view master schedule and personal schedule, switch duty weekend with other teachers 2
Student Purpose events, view master schedule 1

Then I started to identify all the functions needed to be included in the program.

Function name user description importance
initialization Weekend coordinator Upload school calendar, duty weekend schedule, school events 5
Update initialization data Weekend coordinator Update the information above 5
Register standard events Weekend coordinator Register standard events, will be editable as a regular event as well 5
Delete standard events Weekend coordinator Delete standard events, will not be registered automatically every weekend 5
Update standard events Weekend coordinator Update standard events 5
Register events Weekend coordinator Register events 5
Update events Weekend coordinator Update events 5
Delete events Weekend coordinator Delete events 5
Search events Weekend coordinator Search events according to teacher, date, location 4
Download forms Weekend coordinator Download schedule once it’s complete 5
Analyze work distribution Weekend coordinator Analyze work distribution in a chart 5

This program will follow the circuit that a weekend schedule is done now:

Before the school year starts

Upload duty weekend schedule

Upload weekend schedule (including which days should be off)

Upload school events (concerts, sports, etc.)

Set up standard school events (those events will be generated every weekend automatically; otherwise it will be treated like other events)

3 week prior to the weekend

Register events

Get proposals from teachers and students

Get preference from duty teachers

Edit events according to the information

The week of the weekend

Generate mater schedule as well as individual schedule for each teacher

Edit requirements for kitchen and transportation according to reality

Generate requirements for kitchen and transportation

1 thought on “Computer Science-Weekend program

  1. margaretjhaviland

    Dear Chester,

    Here is another blog kept by a programmer. You might want to take a look to get an idea of how this person uses his blog to track his ideas. Also, notice how he has tagged his posts. Why not look for some other programmer blogs as inspiration for you own blogging.


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