The summer started out with the simple goal of writing as much poetry as possible.  As the summer progressed, I found myself writing at least one poem a day.  Each poem about something relevant to my mood that day.  Habeeb met with our mentor Harve almost a week into summer, but sadly I was not able to attend.  Each week Habeeb and I shared our poetry with Harve and he provided great feedback which we used to make our poetry even better.

I got my chance to meet Harve later in the summer when Habeeb and I traveled to Ocean City, New Jersey to perform.  Harve met us there with two other spoken word artists.  Habeeb and I opened and the other two artists closed.  Then we sat and discussed our poetry.  Harve’s companions, Keith and Notti gave us much more in sight into their lives.  They each told us their life story and showed how it influenced their writing.  After a day of almost nothing but poetry I was relieved to go to bed with all the knowledge I had gained that day.

As the summer drew to a close my poetry started slowing down as well.  Though we have plenty of poetry to write our book, we still plan on continuing to write more and more poetry so that our book will have the absolute best poetry we write.

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